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To beat defeat, you have to know when not to repeat.

You know the saying: Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat It. The funny thing is that even though we all know our personal histories in exquisite detail, we’re remarkably prone to making the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s take a look at the process, see how it robs you […]

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Progress is an amazing thing.

Progress is an amazing thing a little today plus a little more tomorrow and the next day, and all of a sudden you’ve taken a big step forward. When you look at all the ways there are to make progress, you’d think it was only a matter of time before everyone reached the moon. Unfortunately […]

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Tips on how to Start avoiding mistakes and get control of your company

In business, as in life, it’s often what you avoid doing that’s more important than what you do. Avoid making these major mistakes in your business decisions in the year ahead: 1. Avoid certainty. If you know all the answers, you’re not reading USA Today every day and the New York Times on Sundays. Being […]

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Ethical Conduct Is Everyone’s Responsibility

The dictionary definition of “ethics” is: ” The study of standards of conduct and moral judgment.” The act of being ethical is an act of conformance to moral precepts. People who are ethical are honest in all dealings and sensitive to the rights and dignity of others. I hold that it is impossible to be […]

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I believe that one builds their own character

The first step is a choice. You must choose to build your character; you then need to hold it as a value-that’s the first step. Once you understand that you possesses the power of choice, you will go about seeking the character traits and integrating them into your character structure. The question I am always […]

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Is this your dream?

Take a minute and think about how many people you know who are thinking about starting — or have started — a business recently. Chances are you’ve ticked off at least a couple of names, and that speaks volumes about how our economy is evolving. Starting a business has always been the American way, both […]

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Does this make sense?

Does this make sense? How would you answer this question: If everyone in the world were the same, the world would be ..? A leader of a recent workshop asked this question. Most people answered as he expected: “dull” or ‘boring”. My first response was “happy”. I gave my answer and then got a “what-an-idiot” […]

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My thoughts on international business

Unfortunately, for many students today, “international” is not yet a part of their college education and it very much needs to be. Only twenty percent of American citizens hold a passport and half of that number are either over 60 years of age or under 5. And according to our “Open Doors” research, just about […]

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Education and the Entrepreneur

Thousands of bright, ambitious young men and women are applying for admission to business school. They will learn about corporate life and have reasonable hopes of prosperous careers. Yet such students seem to me to lack the elusive quality that makes for real business success. The very title Master of Business Administration says so much. […]

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Entrepreneurship today

Think of America and how our freedoms which most take for granted have created an entrepreneurial culture that allows us to become the world leader in creating new technologies that completely change the world market place. Far too many non-entrepreneurs believe that business plans that include market research coupled with those hockey stick financial projections […]

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