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Just what is entrepreneurism?

I define entrepreneurism as a habit or a behavior. A more formal definition might state a business needs to be something more than new or small. It must create something original and different; it must transform values. To me entrepreneurism as a collective label is a mindset. I believe that entrepreneurs are complex, given to […]

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Entrepreneurs today

Changes in the rules of the business game are putting a premium on the entrepreneurial qualities of small companies. Today’s successful companies are nimble, innovative, close to the customer, and quick to market. The debate over whether smaller companies are more productive than bigger ones is in itself causing a change in attitudes and management […]

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Things need to change.

Last week. I heard a man say, “Ethics are nice, but you can’t afford to do business that way.” Later, someone told me “I’ve never seen margins like these. Much of our growth is just driven by greed!” Whether this is true or not, there is enough evidence in the nation as a whole for […]

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Thoughts about Entrepreneurs today

Entrepreneurs today A strange phenomenon occurs as we move slowly through life-memories drift into nostalgic set pieces, neatly summarized by songs, events, catch phrases, movies, and television shows. Certain images become clear, crystallized by time, while others fall away, buried in our pop culture subconscious. Entrepreneurship too can be characterized by eras: Mary Kay Ash, […]

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Asking the right person for help.

Entrepreneurs starting out today, have an enormous advantage over their predecessors when it comes to acquiring information, and it’s all because of the Internet. In days gone by new entrepreneurs had to explore libraries and bookstores to learn about financing, sales, marketing, venture capital, and oh yes business plans. If they wanted to ask a […]

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Choose Your Friends Carefully

Attitude, commitment, education and genetics are the primary factors psychologists suspect that determine just how far you’ll get in your quest for becoming a successful entrepreneur or small business owner. What’s nice is that all but the last are under your control. What’s even nicer is that with a little help from your friends you […]

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Learn to see with your eyes closed

One of my favorite authors once wrote something like. “Phenomena is what you see when your eyes are open. Noumenon is what you see when your eyes are closed.” I hope you get my point; both are equally important. Some may disagree, but what we see with our eyes wide open isn’t always objective; it’s […]

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My thoughts on relationship building

When I recently reorganized my contact database, I saw the tangible evidence of how many clients could also be considered friends and how long some of my business relationships have lasted. I reflected on the times that other business people have expressed concern that I was “too personal” with my clients. I didn’t really listen […]

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What it takes to be a great leader or follower

While recently preparing for a speaking engagement, I reviewed some of my old speeches. Years ago, I must have recited Vince Lombardi’s “what it takes to be number one” until people were tired of hearing it. It seemed to me that it fit so many of life’s situations and was a moving oratory by one […]

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What is the quality of your character?

I have observed that some people are ground down on the grindstone of life, while others are merely polished. I believe that the difference is the quality of character in those who are ground down and those who are polished. The circumstances and events that impinge on our lives invite a response from within. Our […]

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